A Supernatural Guide to the Oseberg Ship (The Brute Norse Podcast Ep.5)

In this Halloween special, we tackle the weird and numinous case of the Oseberg ship, and the lesser known, but true, story of how a Brooklyn clairvoyant may have caused the discovery of the most extravagant Viking Age burial ever found.
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  1. I am one of those few lost souls who listened to this episode in the future. Damn interesting stuff right there, short but sweet. Last time that I was in Norway I visited the Vikingskpihuset in Oslo and the Borrehaugene. It is all very fascinating, displayed and explained in a very interesting way, but it feels like these stories have much more to it. I think that our understanding is perhaps limited by our own modern perceptions of the world. Perhaps exploring old and new place-names is a good way to help shed some insight into this old world?


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